Feeling Better

•February 3, 2007 • 2 Comments

Wow. I still can’t figure out how to post pictures after many attempts.

Lincoln is feeling better. I kept him home from school yesterday not because he was still sick but because he was either so tired or used to being sick that he set out on a full screaming cry at the drop of a hat. If we’d look at him the wrong way he’d start to bawl. I just couldn’t do that to the teachers by sending him and I just saw on the news that there is such a run of sickness going through the schools that they are wanting parents to keep kids home if there’s a chance they might be sick. He got his voice back and Olivia quickly hid the buzzer that I had given him to summon us to get him something when he’d lost his voice.

Olivia has been so sad that she hasn’t gotten to stay home with some type of illness that I took her out for a fun evening last night. We went to see a Palace movie and ate at IHOP. We had a good time. At home she was driven to use 100 index cards to write 100 words that had a “bossy /r/” in it. She’s so funny. Where does she get this?? I had to have her explain what exactly a “bossy /r/” is. Her teacher said it’s when the /r/ takes over the vowel next to it. She finished and she’s so exited to take them to school to show her beloved teacher, Ms. Hains. – Holly


Something New

•February 1, 2007 • 1 Comment

Well, this is the new blog that Olivia and I are going to try. My hope is that she will enjoy writing and she’s becoming such a good typist and I think that it will be a good time together to talk about our day.

Lincoln has had influenza B all week. I finally went into work today while Tony stayed home. This morning when I left, Lincoln’s temperature had finally gone down and I thought this was the turn-around day. Tony called me at work about 2:30 (he had someone track me down and I was scared that something was really wrong) and said that he had been crying for about two hours and he finally took him to the walk-in clinic because he thought he had an ear infection. We don’t currently have a doctor because our beloved Dr. Chong retired and moved back to California not long ago. The doctor at the walk-in clinic said that his ear was red but not really infected but we got yet another prescription. At least this one wasn’t $50. Anyway, when I got home he was peppy. He even threw some toys around and when I asked him to pick them up, he had a complete crying meltdown so I put him to bed at 6:50 p.m. And there he is. I’m not sure if he’ll go to school or not tomorrow. Nothing like a whole week off. -Holly

I love my mom so much because she is so nice to me all the time unles she is mad at me when I do something bad. I always know that she still loves me all the time even when she is mad sad or angry she still loves me and I love her to even when i’m mad. I love her to. –Olivia